The right to be

1000 Women Trust supports the Global 16 Days Campaign

Win a campaign canvas print


1000 Women Trust supports the Global 16 Days Campaign

Win a campaign NetCanvas print

One of South Africa’s most inspirational artists who uses a combination of paintbrush and poetry to empower men and women, Hanlie Kotze, has added her considerable skill to 1000 Women Trust’s 16 Days Campaign as it vows to end femicide in the country.

1000 Women Trust is a women-led organization that aims to raise awareness around gender-based violence, rape, and abuse and mobilises resources to empower, educate and inspire women and girls.

The international theme is End Femicide and the 16 Days Campaign – celebrating 30 years of fighting GBV – will focus on the issue of “femicide or the gender-related killing of women”.

“South Africa has one of the highest rates of femicide in the world”, says activist and executive trustee Tina Thiart. “We support the international theme of End Femicide this year while we are trying a new approach. We want women to know their rights and a basic right is that we, as women, have the right to be women.

“Through the #16DaysCampaign we want to encourage South Africans to be sensitive to and supportive of survivors of gender-based violence. We should stand firm and not protect abusers. We must report them, and we must continue demanding that our government act firm and decisive when rapists and abusers are reported,” she adds.

The theme for the 1000 Women Trust is The right to be (#No MoreMissingRights) and the Trust partnered with Kotze to visually explore the theme in a profound way.

The local The right to be campaign, aims to create awareness for basic human rights and inspire women to remember that we have the right to be happy, safe, beautiful, and inspired. Women have the right to live and love without fear. It is a campaign where all women can stand together against Gender-based violence and be a voice for each other. It is our right.

By adding her voice, in paint to the campaign, Kotze hopes to inspire all South African women, and also her two daughters, to fight for their own rights and stand firm for what they believe in.

“My son and husband are surrounded by strong, independent women. And that makes them better men. We are all in this world together. We might as well make it beautiful for those we share it with!”

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