#16Days wrapped in happiness



Happiness. That is what I feel when I look at paintings made by well-known South African artist Hanlie Kotze. She can capture feelings of childhood bliss neatly packaged in comforting colours with a whimsical twist all while selecting perfect poetry as a welcome companion to each piece.

Only last week I discovered that I bought my first Hanlie Kotze set of coasters at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) way back in 2000. I have two left and still use them every day. And even though they look used and have more than two decades of wear and tear on them, they still make me happy.

As part of the annual #16DaysCampaign, Hanlie agreed to be the campaign artist for the 1000 Women Trust. Supporting community projects is nothing new to her as this Rustenburg mother of three recently supported projects to raise funds and awareness for Rhinos and childhood cancer projects.

Born into a family of artists, the painting was in her blood. Father Kobus and mom Joe are both well-known and established professional painters and Hanlie and sister Mariaan chose art as their career. Brother Floris and his wife Anine own and manage Bloemfontein’s major commercial art gallery, Kotze Art Gallery.

“Family is everything to me. I find my inspiration in the people I love. I have a happy imagination and that impacts my mood. Art is essentially an expression of mood and when you combine them, it becomes even more so”, she says.

Born in Aliwal North, this Gemini studied BA Communications at the University of the Free State. She prefers to talk in pictures and use her poetry, a talent she discovered in school to help her capture the feeling and mood she wants her painting to convey.

“Painting and poetry say the same thing”, she says. “I feel both are a reflection of your creative abilities and the marriage of the two is very natural.”

Hanlie describes herself in Hashtags as:

#SouthAfricanArtist #Illustrator

#Wife #Mother






The 1000 Women Trust supports the Global 16 Days Campaign, which celebrates 30 years in 2021. The international theme is End Femicide and the campaign will focus on the issue of “femicide or the gender-related killing of women”. In South Africa with the high rate of femicide, the local The right to be a campaign, aims to create awareness for basic human rights and inspire women to remember that we have the right to be happy, safe, beautiful, and inspired. Women have the right to live and love without fear. It is a campaign where all women can stand together against Gender-based violence and be a voice for each other. It is our right.

By adding her voice, in paint to the campaign, Hanlie hopes to inspire her daughters, Lucia and Jessica to fight for their own rights and stand firm for what they believe in. “My son Daniel and husband Lukas are surrounded by strong, independent women. And that makes them better men. We are all in this world together. We might as well make it beautiful for those we share it with!”

The 1000 Women Trust founding member Tina Thiart invites women to make this campaign their own. “The 1000 Women Trust are grateful for strong women like Hanlie that supports and inspires women. With this campaign, we want to celebrate the beauty each woman holds. Join us this 16 Days by sharing these inspiring messages with the strong, and soon-to-be strong again women in your life!”

I now have two new, bigger and brighter Hanlie-coasters next to my old but much-loved ones. They make me happy too. May #16Days bring hope, new beginnings, and happiness to you this year, and may we, together with women like Hanlie and Tina know our worth and rights.






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