We Mourn The Loss Of Youth Of The Girl Child

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We Mourn The Loss Of Youth Of The Girl Child

The #WeTooWomenLawyers (#WTWL) Against Abuse, has noted with concern media reports detailing alarming statistics regarding children as young as 10 years old having given birth during the period April 2020 to March 2021, with more than 23 000 children who gave birth during the period and are now mothers; the concomitant drop out of school is a cause for alarm. Gauteng records more than 23 000 teen pregnancies in one year, some moms as young as 10 years of age.

We mourn the lost childhood of many of our little sisters. 

We cry for the babies born into a world where suffering and lack is their likely lot.

WTWL Against Abuse acknowledges that the myriad ills which plague our society are directly reflected in these concerning statistics. While our initial reaction at learning of this further attack on our little sisters is one of shock, outrage, and anger we are convinced that pointing fingers will not serve any purpose.

During this Women’s month we:

  • Mourn the loss of youth of the girl child; 
  • Pledge as women lawyers to use our influence and voices to bring focussed attention to bear on this problem; 
  • Acknowledge that we can and must do better, in the spirit of our sisters who marched on the Union Buildings, on that proud day, believing as we do, that a better life for all of us is possible;  
  • Pledge our support to all who care and call on government, civil society, Chapter 9 bodies, the legal profession, the healthcare profession, the education sector and society as a whole to help us help our children to be children again.

Childhood pregnancy and motherhood continue to hold many of our sisters in the grip of poverty and need. The impact of childhood pregnancy on the education of our young sisters and consequently their chances of lifting themselves and their communities from the tenacious grip of poverty is acknowledged as fact. 

As members of the legal profession, we extend the hand of co-operation, to role players in the childcare arena, who feel as we do, to collaborate to explore avenues to ensure that we do not see statistics like this in our country again. We offer the combined expertise and experience of the committed women lawyers of our group who are convinced that we can and must do better to ensure that childhood will once again be a place free of worry and care for our children.

We call on all Role-players and Stakeholders in the sector to join hands with us as we bring our collective experience to the table and work together to craft sustainable and far-reaching solutions that will reach every girl child in our country. 

Already our sisters are brought to their knees by Gender-Based Violence and Femicide, we cannot stand aside and allow them to become the next victims.

We note with heartbreak and horror the brutal murder of another of our sisters, Nosicelo, a final year LLB student at the University of Fort Hare. Her tragic death strengthens our resolve to be the change that our country needs. #JusticeForNosicelo

In the spirit of Ubuntu, we affirm that we are because they are. What harms one of us, harms us all.

Should you or your organization intend to endorse the press release, kindly contact us via the email above. 

WTWL Against Abuse

Prebashnie Moonsamie

Attorney, Conveyancer, Mediator, Lifeline Pretoria Vice Chairperson and Counsellor

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