The Voiceless

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression
Free for whom? Might I ask?
Cause some of us would give our lives to be heard
And in the end we do exactly that
Yet it never really is enough for the world

We can speak, shout and scream all we want
But nobody ever really listens
We post, they like, react and share then it disappears
We die, they post, like, share,
Then move on to the next internet trends
Nobody is really affected enough to make a difference
And fight the course of justice

Who are we?
The emotionally strained, the depressed
The spiritually tired, the love-starved
The body shamed, the gender abused
The always misunderstood, the confused
The suicide committers, the already dead
The disappointment, the shameful
And the never enough

Suicide is not the answer! So they say
Where are you to tell me that when I have questions unanswered?
Don’t worry it will pass! Them again
Does it ever really?
I’ll tell you what passes
The news of my suicide
The shock
The pain
And then they all act like it never really happened

I listen to motivation all day long
Smile like ain’t nothing wrong
But I know every night I retire to my humble abode
I have to feed the monster that thrives off my blood, sweat and tears
I tear, labor and cut my skin
Just to ease the pain
I even drug myself to sleep
But it never really goes away

I wake up in the morning for a fresh start of insults
I wake to relive the pain all-over again

I wake up only to go back to the usual
Every day is the same as the one before
Different tormentors, same victim, same hurtful words
But it’s not like I can really say
“Nice try, I’ve heard that one before”
And laugh it off
Instead, it shreds off another chunk of me

Why again do I wake up every day, to suffer myself?
Why can’t I just let myself drift off to unbothered sleep?
Why can’t I just float to a land where none is troubled?
Why can’t I just forget about the world’s pains and be free
Why can’t I just be?
Why can’t I just take my life?

It is an abomination
A taboo
It is stupid
What am I going to gain?
It is cowardice
I will only hurt my loved ones
Because I just cannot!

So I “brave” it off
I withstand the pain a moment longer
I live like the non-living
I strive to make all happy, but me
I, I, I, I, I,

A life without purpose is a life not lived
Would it really hurt to really listen?
To care?
To make a change and save lives?
To love without a care?
To be concerned?
To practice humanity, Ubuntu, botho?
Would it hurt?

From HHP to mokolobate
Did you really care or were making it trend
You were pushing some political course
Or you just wanted to fit in????

If you can’t do it for yourself
At least do it for the generation that knows better
But can’t do better
GIVE A DAMN!!!!!!!!!