Shipping containers improve soup kitchens’ service delivery

CAPE TOWN. – In December 2020, 1000 Women Trust received four shipping containers – a donation by Wartsila – a gift that will improve the service delivery by several of the Trust’s 45 soup kitchens, while also assisting Grant.Net to unpack and recycle computers to serve NGO’s in the Western Cape.

1000 Women Trust mobilizes resources and gives grants to organizations that support, raise awareness, and provide opportunities for women and children who have been affected by violence. The organization provides solidarity to women, amplify the voices of activists, and advocate for change that can end gender-based violence and femicide.

Some soup kitchens benefit from the gift of the containers to the 1000 Women Trust.

The WinWin soup kitchens in Delft that provides breakfast to between 300 and 500 people and another 12000 meals per day, will benefit from having a container, as that container could store 4 100-liter pots per day.

It will also be a secure location where other kitchen material can be stored and protected.

Previously, the kitchen was denied funding from the government because they did not have separate storage facilities, but now that won’t be a problem any longer.

Another container will be utilized to support the soup kitchens in the Kuils River area.

Latifah Jacobs, the coordinator of the community soup kitchens of 1000 Women Trust and also in charge of the Kuils River soup kitchens, says the container will be used as a training facility or as a multi-purpose facility.

It will also be a secure facility for keeping kitchens facilities of the Kuils River soup kitchens.

The soup kitchens serve between 320 and 450 meals daily in the Kuils River-area.

Mymoena Scholtz, CEO of the NGO Where Rainbows Meet, said the organization was a recipient of a container from 1000 Women Trust and it is a major help as it serves as a secure storage facility for food and other supplies.

The organization serves breakfast and lunch to 2200 people daily and also supports ten other kitchens that serve 300 meals every day.

The continued donor-support for the soup kitchens is a major concern, though, Scholtz added.

Tina Thiart, the founding member of 1000 Women Trust, said the overwhelming majority of the 45 soup kitchens of the Trust provide daily meals for vulnerable communities.

1000 Women Trust has now also started income generating for people working at the soup kitchens, through the sales of airtime and electricity and the provision of garden services.