#MakeTime-campaign to continue

CAPE TOWN. – Late last year, 1000 Women Trust launched a major national campaign urging parents to make a pledge to #MakeTime to speak to their sons to teach them about consent, boundaries, and respect for women – and thereby joining the cause of fighting against the horrific levels of gender-based violence in South Africa.

The campaign centers on a children’s doll – Krissy Doll – that appears to have been brutally assaulted, exhibiting the hallmarks of domestic violence. In a digital film, two young girls are playing with the doll, putting make-up on the doll’s face to cover up cuts and bruises.

The Krissy Doll is a donation of how women cover-up or hide abuse or violence that is inflicted upon them.

By showing a potential future in which little girls accept battered and bruised dolls as if this were the norm, 1000 Women Trust is hoping to shock South Africans into having critical conversations with their sons, Thiart said.

Currently, the ambassadors of 1000 Women Trust are having conversations on social media platforms with their followers in order to facilitate a debate about it, and also to encourage the wider South African audience to engage in consistent conversations with their sons about the importance of non-violence and gender-equality so that South Africans can erase the scourge of gender-based violence.