1000 Women Trust assist women suffering from Covid-19 isolation

CAPE TOWN. – At the start of 2021 we wish all our faithful supporters, co-workers, and women who have linked themselves with the services of 1000 Women trust, a prosperous and blessed new year.

In all, 1,25 million South Africans had been infected with COVID-19 and 973000 people recovered, but 33 579 South Africans succumbed to the pandemic as of 12th January 2021.

We call upon you to practice social distancing, wear a face mask, and sanitize, but do not isolate yourself from other people.

We at 1000 Women Trust host a COVID 19-support group. Claudia Roodt, the associate of 1000 Women Trust and a trauma counselor, says: “Shame is an intensely painful feeling that I am unworthy of love and belonging. It is the experience of believing that I am flawed so when people shame you because of COVID-19, you believe you are flawed and unworthy of love.“Shame only gets healed when you share. That is what 1000 Women Trust stands for: that you are not alone. Share your pain and your story don’t stay alone and let us at 1000 Women Trust reach out to you,” said Roodt.

The 1000 Women Trust invites you to join us in various training sessions we offer. Due to lockdown, we now offer our support groups and training also via WhatsApp and have already trained over 3000 women in trauma support training and life coaching skills.

The trauma support training program is a 4-week program where we share skills to help you support survivors of gender-based violence and COVID-19. The trauma training is free and available on www.hggtraining.co.za.

The 1000 Women Trust also invites women to join their life coach training course. During the free 2 week training, we share skills to help you support survivors of gender-based violence and COVID 19. If you are interested to join, WhatsApp your name to 061-4690479.

The 1000 Women Trust is raising R1 million to fund its work, and the capital is sorely needed to support the 45 soup kitchens of the Trust, as well as it’s #HearMeToo-campaign and training of women and girls as well as creating new opportunities for survivors of gender-based violence.

People interested to support the R1 million-campaign – yes, an R50-donation would be great – can visit the 1000 Women Trust-website to pledge their support.