Community Project – Labeeba Stanley community leader

Community Project – Labeeba Stanley community leader

Cape Town, 5 December 2020 – Labeeba Stanley is a committed community leader, soup kitchen- and vegetable garden coordinator for the community in Kraaifontein and Scottsdene and has witnessed first-hand the desperation of hundreds of male and female youth who have been subjected to domestic violence.

Her vision and mission are to create a safe house where she can provide young men and women who have dropped out of school with daily meals while they enroll in a training course to equip them and transform them to become working and tax-paying citizens of Mzansi.

For two years, Stanley has provided soup-kitchen meals to people who are vulnerable and homeless, largely using her own resources, and it has affected her own daily living, but she is continuing despite financial hardship.

One of the young men who she has supported while he was studying before he dropped out due to financial constraints, was so depressed and desperate because of feelings of hopelessness, that he attempted to commit suicide by drinking Handy Andy.

He survived, and she has continuously prayed for him and dedicated him to God while encouraging him not to abandon hope.

She also nurtures a man in his late teens who has just left jail and whose girlfriend stabbed him with a knife. He wants to leave the life of crime behind him, but it is virtually impossible to escape his former gangster friends who are in Kraaifontein.

Stanley has taken 12 young teenagers from Kraaifontein under her care and has provided musical tuition to them so that they can become performers.

But her ultimate goal is still to establish a safe haven in Kraaifontein for young school drop-outs who have survived domestic violence. She wants them to enroll in training courses which she will provide while also providing them with daily meals. That will be a way in which to combat their feelings of desperation and hopelessness, she said.

She will ensure that there is security at her safe house and that women and men stay in separate sections of the building. She will also provide daily Christian guidance to the young students, she said.

People who want to contact Stanley to assist with the safe-haven can email her at