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#TalkingToBoys seeks to educate young boys about the importance of consent

By Mthuthuzeli Ntseku Time of article published 21h ago

Cape Town – To mark Human Trafficking Awareness Week the 1 000 Women, 1 Voice campaign is embarking on a #TalkingToBoys journey with a series of different topics aimed at teaching boys between ages of one to six of about non-violent and peaceful behaviour and gender equality.

The organisation said raising responsible and respectable young men was now more important than ever.

“Some believe talking about relationships, consent or women should start when children are teenagers, but in fact these are topics that should be discussed from a young age already. At a young age the term consent may sound complex, but then the terms ‘no’ or ‘yes’ are not, and should be explained to boys in order to protect them, and those he interacts with.”

The 1 000 Women Trust founder Tina Thiart said South Africa continued to be a source, transit and destination country for victims of trafficking. She said criminal traffickers were increasingly morphing into organised crime syndicates and used deceptive means to abduct and traffic adults and children.

“We are looking forward to engaging with boys and men in our latest conversation which its objective is to reframe the discussion with men and together as families to address gender-based violence in the country.”

“1 000 Women, 1 Voice is committed to ending gender-based violence and femicide in our society by empowering, inspiring, educating, and equipping women and girls. However, to tackle GBV it is mandatory to work with men as well, and from a young age.”

Stoltz said to end gender based violence there was a need to start having healthy and important conversations with the boys in society.

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