War on Hunger: Thank you Volunteers

War on Hunger continues as 60 % of 1000 Women-kitchens serve meals daily

Words Fanie Heyns

CAPE TOWN. – The War on Hunger, initiated by 1000 Women Trust, and aptly named the 1000 Women 1000 Warriors initiative, has seen the establishment of 45 community soup kitchens in the Western Cape, where 20 000 people were fed daily. It is still continuing as 60 % of the soup kitchens presently feed people daily six months after starting.

Some 1000 Women Trust soup kitchens are feeling the pinch due to donor fatigue. Some donors are facing retrenchment or have lost their jobs, so about 40 % of the soup kitchens only cook a meal two to three times per week, said Latifah Jacobs, community coordinator of the soup kitchens on behalf of 1000 Women Trust.

Jacobs pleaded with the public not to abandon donating money to the soup kitchens, as the coordinators can achieve much more by buying bulk as products can therefore be purchased at a cheaper price.

Tina Thiart, founding member of 1000 Women Trust, has appealed to 1000 South Africans to donate 1 can of tinned food and one blanket, and to 50 000 South Africans to make a R20 donation in order to ensure that the projects can continue for the rest of the year.

“Teach one woman how to fish, and you will feed the community,” Thiart said.

On Saturday, Jacobs and 35 other soup kitchen volunteers – who were amongst the front-line warriors of 1000 Women Trust – met over lunch in Kuils River to commemorate the tireless work by the soup-kitchen coordinators to ensure that the soup kitchens kept serving people of the Western Cape.

“Obviously, it was a thank you lunch to honour the volunteers, but not all of them could be there as we have limits of 50 people per meeting. We also spoke about protocol, health certificates and we had a visiting speaker who addressed the topic of gender-based violence. Ultimately, our gratitude was to all the soup kitchen volunteers who served so generously for several months,” Jacobs said.

“Over a period of two months, I collected blankets, toiletries, sanitizer and masks to give to the volunteers as a thank you gift,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs and her team laboured to put food on the table of people in the Northern Suburbs as part of the Kuils River Community Action Network, in collaboration with 1000 Women Trust.


If you want to become a volunteer or make a financial contribution, we thank you. To volunteer send your name to info@1000women.co.za