New campaign launching soon…

Ambassadors of 1000 Women Trust to speak as new campaign dawns

Words Fanie Heyns

CAPE TOWN. The 1000 Women Trust, in collaboration with the global advertising agency TBWA, will soon embark on a new campaign to create national awareness of the pandemic of gender-based violence.

It is set to get the nation abuzz on social media, radio, TV, print media, digital media, on street corners, in homes and in bars on how we can eliminate this scourge from South African society.

The theme of this campaign, as well as its focus and the talking points included is yet to be announced. (Do you like dolls? Watch this space…).

Suffice to say: the ambassadors of 1000 Women Trust, and other major role players will be utilized fully to amplify the voice of the campaign on radio and other media platforms and to reach the target audience of 57 million South Africans.

“This campaign is disruptive and will lift many South Africans out of their lethargy and complacency. There won’t be many neutral observers. Almost everybody will find their voice and respond – whether by being baffled by what they saw, or left shocked. Many will share their disgust and become ardent advocates for change. That is what we hope for,” said Tina Thiart, founder member of 1000 Women Trust.

The 1000 Women Trust, since its inception in 2003, has been at the forefront of raising awareness around gender-based violence, rape and abuse as well as mobilizing resources to assist women who have suffered at the hands of their intimate partners.

“We support, raise awareness and furnish opportunities for survivors of gender-based violence. We empower, inspire, educate, lobby and equip women,” said Thiart.

South Africa has one of the highest rates of reported femicide and sexual assaults, primarily gender-based, in the world.

In the most recent release of the crime statistics before parliament, the South African Police Service revealed that during the reporting period April 2019 to March 2020, there were 53,293 sexual offences.

These included rapes, sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults and contact sexual assaults.

A total of 18,231 reported rapes took place at the residence of the victim or the perpetrator, with a further 7,940 taking place in public places.


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