Campaign: #HearMeToo

In 2018 the 1000 Women Trust launched #HearMeToo after a successful writing project, Every Scar Tells A Story. This formed part of a greater healing project for survivors of GBV– sharing their stories. It was launched during the 16 Days of Activism. We are inviting all survivors, to share their stories to heal and help others again in 2020.


Dear Friend-in-writing

Pain has a name and you know yours. I know mine. But it is only when you can call it on this name that you can confront it. And that is why we should start writing.

It is not about writing but about giving the pain a name. It empowers. It heals. It also triggers a wave of feelings that you cannot really deal with often and that is why we need to do it slowly.

If you want to become stronger and more powerful on your road to healing, join me in writing up your responses to life, the past, people and memories but also to new solutions and your way forward.

We need to share this load with someone, to make it lighter to go forward. You see the pain takes up emotional energy that you need for recovery. Pain keeps you stuck. Writing can get you moving again towards a new chapter in your life.

Giving a name to feelings, to places and faces, to new choices and options and working on what that name represents to you will also help you to not cave in again to a person, to the past, to old feelings or that treacherous organs, the heart, and the brain.

Sometimes pain takes away the ability to verbalise. Writing is a healing habit that can bring you back to finding your words and that will make it so much easier to find your way forward.

It is not only about writing your whole life down. It can be about that part of your story that needs rewriting. Or that feeling that keeps cropping up. You will know your own pace.

You are not alone here. Hold on tight. We are going get to a place of healing, health, and happiness together word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.



Elize Parker, Ambassador 1000 Women Trust, #HearMeToo