A picture tells 1000 stories…
Behind the scenes for #HearMeToo
For our 1000Women photo exhibition a number of years ago, we spent the day photographing 20 brave ladies. We listened to their stories.
We were humbled, inspired and ultimately changed by what we heard. But what stood out most on the day was their unbelievable courage and ability to survive their abuse with such dignity and hope. The dream on the day was to celebrate their inner and outer beauty.
These are the ladies that we honored in this website by using them as the beautiful faces of hope.
Thanks to the amazing photograpgs Karin Schermbrucker from Slingshot Media. They truly inspire.
If you have been affected by any form of gender-based violence, and would like to share your story, you can join our #HearMeToo campaign – a trauma healing tool to start the journey to rediscovering the true you. You can send your story to info@1000women.co.za.