Press Release: War on Hunger

New phase starts in 1000 Women Trust’s war against hunger

Matilda Tsitsi Fakazi, an administrator at 1000 Women Trust and proud War on Hunger Warrior. She started a soup kitchen to feed the children who missed out a meal a school.


CAPE TOWN. – Pot and pans, rice and spice, masks, and keeping your distance. These are the new weapons of war and the soldiers are women warriors on the frontline of the war against hunger, initiated by 1000 Women Trust.

For the last three months, mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends came together to feed the hungry masses. armed with masks, T-shirts and posters, and supported by the 1000 Women Trust, the 1000 Women 1000 Warriors initiative was born.

In record time, 45 community soup kitchens were established, feeding more than 20 000 people every day.

“With Mandela Day around the corner, our focus is to reinforce and motivate our troops for the new phase in our war against hunger – and cold”, said Tina Thiart, founder member of 1000 Women Trust.

“We need South Africans to assist the trust with raising much needed funds to sustain and expand projects including the 45 food kitchens, our on-going education initiatives to unite against bullying, gender-based violence, trauma support and the Isolated but not alone campaign.”

The trust is appealing for 1000 South Africans to donate 1 can of tinned food and one blanket and 50 000 South Africans to make a R20 donation. This will ensure that the projects can continue for the rest of the year.

“The saying goes give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will eat for life. We know that when you teach a woman to fish, you feed the community”. This is one of Thiart’s sayings. But it does not stop there – it’s all about taking action and inspiring others to join.

In a strong-worded petition to UN Women, the 1000 Women Trust, under Thiart’s leadership, recently demanded that the National Department of Social Development (DSD) does not close community soup kitchens.

The petition was launched when a large number of food relief organisations were told by SAPS and/or officials of the National DSD to stop distributing food during one of the worst international pandemics in recent history. The National DSD proposed to control, manage and determine who can run a soup kitchen in South Africa.

This happened while many women’s organisations had already started soup kitchens, mobilised funding, solicited food donations, recruited volunteers, and had already served thousands of meals to vulnerable communities. Sometimes the only meal many households will eat that day.

“It was Napoleon Bonaparte who said that ‘An army marches on its stomach.’ And a community can only survive if they are fed in their darkest hour,” says Latifah Jacobs, coordinator of the community food kitchens supported by the 1000 Women Trust. “We are fighting for one of our most basic rights – putting food in the hands of the hungry.”

In a major victory for NGOs, the Cape Town High Court ordered that no members of the National Department of Social Development (DSD) or SAPS are authorised to prevent the distribution of food.

When a war is worth fighting for, 4am mornings, late nights, and tireless hours sourcing, washing, peeling, cooking, and distributing food becomes the war paint, the battle scars and the ultimate victory of fighting the good fight.

And sometimes your troops are reinforced by a winning superpower.

The donation of 1 can of tinned food and one blanket and 50 000 South Africans making a R20 donation will ensure that the projects can continue for the rest of the year.

The collections will help the partner organisation, Where Rainbows Meet in Muizenberg while the Food Security Coordinator Latifah Jacobs will continue to keep the residents in Northern Suburbs feed, clothes and warm as part of the Kuils River Community Action Network (CAN).

The1000 Women Trust issues Section 18A tax donor certificates for all donations and grants

Donate R20 by using our QR Code to the 1000 Women Trust or make an EFT contribution. You can also donate your Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Points to the trust.

Your donation can make a big difference in the lives of women and girls and ultimately communities in South Africa.

The full account details for 1000 Women Trust’s Nedbank Corporate Saver account are as follows:

Account Holder: 1000 Women Trust

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