With your help, we develop toolkits and facilitate training to educate, equip and empower survivors of GBV. Grants are given to women-led initiatives across the country that work tirelessly to bring hope, protection, and knowledge to women living in abusive relationships. Our theory for change is that if women have access to resources, skills, and information, they will take advantage of strategic opportunities to advance human rights for women.

Our focus areas:


A unique language to promote and create safe spaces for each other in challenging and uncertain times. We speak in hearts and in colour. Learn and share our #SecretLingo and help women when they can's speak out.


During Lockdown 2020, we established 45 soup kitchens feeding more than 20 000 people daily. We had to fight to keep these soup kitchen’s open in South Africa during COVID-19 – with your help, we won!


#HearMeToo is our healing initiative for stories by GBV survivors. It was launched in 2018 after a very successful writing project, Every Scar Tells A Story. Survivors are invited to share their stories. Visit https://www.hearmetoo.co.za for more information.


Trauma support and training for volunteers and survivors of GBV. For more information, please visit our toolkit at https://www.trauma-support.co.za.


As many as 57% of South African learners have been bullied at some time during their high-school careers. The 1000 Women Trust developed an anti-bullying campaign and toolkit. When one considers that we have 2.2 million school-going children in this country, those percentages translate into truly staggering numbers. For more information, please visit our toolkit at https://www.bullying.co.za.