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Shipping containers improve soup kitchens’ service delivery 

CAPE TOWN. – In December 2020, 1000 Women Trust received four shipping containers – a donation by Wartsila – a gift that will improve the service delivery by several of the Trust’s 45 soup kitchens, while also assisting Grant.Net to unpack and recycle computers to serve NGO’s in the Western Cape. 1000 Women Trust mobilizes resources […]

1000 Women Trust received more donations 

CAPE TOWN. – During December 2020, 1000 Women Trust received two more donations to assist with the organization’s daily operations during the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence. Formfunc, a leader in workstation-optimization, ergonomic furniture design, and manufacture, has donated R10 000 to 1000 Women Trust and its campaign of 16 Days of Activism […]

#MakeTime-campaign to continue 

CAPE TOWN. – Late last year, 1000 Women Trust launched a major national campaign urging parents to make a pledge to #MakeTime to speak to their sons to teach them about consent, boundaries, and respect for women – and thereby joining the cause of fighting against the horrific levels of gender-based violence in South Africa. The […]


CAPE TOWN. – In 2018, the 1000 Women Trust launched #HearMeToo after a successful writing project, Every Scar Tells a Story. This formed part of a greater healing project for survivors of gender-based violence – sharing their stories. It was launched during the 16 Days of Activism. We are inviting all survivors, to share their stories to […]

Legal Consequences of cyber bullying 

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AB slams absolute male control; endorses campaign to end gender violence 

CAPE TOWN. – The magnitude of school-related gender-based violence (gbv) in South Africa underlines the importance of the major national #MakeTime-campaign recently launched by 1000 Women Trust to address gender-based violence perpetrated by boys during their formative years, said Tina Thiart, founder member of 1000 Women Trust. Teachers and principals are important agents who as […]

1000 Women Trust focuses on sustainability of food kitchens 

CAPE TOWN. – 1000 Women Trust’s War against Hunger is continuing unabated, as the organization has embarked on a new campaign to ensure the sustainability of its 45 soup kitchens which feeds 20 000 people per day, said Tina Thiart, founder member of 1000 Women Trust. “It is about the sustainability of food kitchens. We are […]

Trauma training course a vital companion to address healing of many women in Cape Peninsula 

CAPE TOWN. – The trauma training course of 1000 Women Trust on WhatsApp and person-to-person have become catalysts for the healing of several women and girls in many communities across the Cape Peninsula and the West Coast. This is the anecdotal witness of community leaders interviewed by 1000 Women Trust on the Trauma training course. […]

Reviewing Beijing-declaration: SA far behind in combating gender-violence 

CAPE TOWN. – Twenty six years ago, 17000 delegates representing 188 countries met in the Chinese capital, Beijing at the landmark Fourth UN World Conference on Women.  Among them was a delegation from South Africa. The adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action changed the trajectory for the empowerment of women worldwide. South […]