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Ambassador: AB de Villiers 

AB de Villiers: Show boys how to be good men Words by Fanie Heyns AB de Villiers is one of South Africa’s greatest-ever sport stars, and an iconic figure, with a following of 6.9 million fans on social media. In an international cricket career that spanned 14 years, he became universally known as Mr 360 […]

Ambassador: Elize Parker 

Agony Aunt Elize Ambassador for #HearMeToo Multimedia journalist, radio news writer, radio news reader, pod caster and columnist. Elize Parker has authored more than 40 fiction and non-fiction books and produced and presented radio shows on everything from current affairs to cultural digests. She is also the author of a manual guiding single moms on how […]

1000 Women Trust In the news 

            http://www.capetalk.co.za/articles/383877/hands-off-our-soup-kitchens-appeal-to-un-women-to-stop-govt-control-of-food Son-SB-Son-SBSON008-8  

Trustee: Tina Thiart 

Trust’s Tina never sleeps Fanie Heyns Tina Thiart, founding member of 1000 Women Trust, women’s right activist and non-profit fundraising specialist, has laboured tirelessly for more than 20 years as a catalyst for social change and gender equality in South Africa. “She never sleeps! How she manages to tirelessly do what she does with very […]

Trustee: Wendy Ackerman 

Wendy Ackerman energetic about philanthropy She takes a direct and personal interest and role in what is good for South Africa and South Africans. Fanie Heyns Wendy Ackerman is one of the founders and an executive director of Pick ‘n Pay Stores. She is also patron of the 1000 Women Trust. Wendy was instrumental in […]

Trustee: Mpho Mashengete 

MPHO MASHENGETE is Research and Resource Mobilisation Manager for HOPE Africa where she manages and supports enterprise Development initiatives with several stakeholders such as ministers in government, religious leaders, community leaders and business organisations nationally. She is utilising her skills and experience garnered in the various positions held as CSI coordinator, trainer, marketing manager and […]

Become a fan of MyFanPark 

Now is your time to get that special message from your favourite local celebrity from MyFanPark! Get your loved ones to send YOU – the most important women in their lives – a special video message from YOUR favourite local celebrity. By getting what you want you will help The 1000 Women Trust raise much […]

A picture tells 1000 stories… 

Behind the scenes for #HearMeToo For our 1000Women photo exhibition a number of years ago, we spent the day photographing 20 brave ladies. We listened to their stories. We were humbled, inspired and ultimately changed by what we heard. But what stood out most on the day was their unbelievable courage and ability to survive […]

Training that matters 

We need our woman to share their COVID-19 stories with someone that can respond with empathy, understanding and a willingness to listen. Someone that will not shame them but help them through. Lets Unite against Covid-19 like we unite against GBV. As women we must allow each other to safely speak up and speak out. […]