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Lack of technology, abuse by communities main challenges discussed at #HearMeToo-sessions
CAPE TOWN. – A lack of basic technology, the total absence of empathetic support by community members, the depiction of men as the head and of the woman as the neck, and the economic dependency of women on men as breadwinners dominated many discussions at the #HearMeToo-sessions of 1000 Women Trust the past month. Late […]
Parents, women raise alarms about “legal rape day” rumours on social media
CAPE TOWN. – The women-led organisation 1000 Women Trust expressed its outrage, dismay, and vehement opposition against an alleged threat by groups of men on social media that 24th April will be the day on which they will “legally” rape or sexually assault women, which has raised alarms amongst parents, women, and girls. Tina Thiart, director of 1000 […]
The Voiceless
Freedom of speech, freedom of expression Free for whom? Might I ask? Cause some of us would give our lives to be heard And in the end we do exactly that Yet it never really is enough for the world We can speak, shout and scream all we want But nobody ever really listens We […]
1000 Women Trust assist schools, parents with anti-bullying skills after Limpopo-tragedy
CAPE TOWN. – The NGO 1000 Women Trust has embarked on a campaign to provide teachers and parents with the skills to address bullying in South Africa and has also sent councilors to Limpopo to assist schools with anti-bullying campaigns, said Tina Thiart, founding member of 1000 Women Trust. Bullying in South African schools is […]
1000 Women Trust enters into an agreement with Citrusdal-farmer to house victims of gender-violence
CAPE TOWN. – The NGO 1000 Women Trust has entered into an agreement with a Citrusdal-farmer to utilize a portion of his citrus farm to build second-stage housing for women who are victims of gender-based violence and to embark on an ambitious project to build a training centre on the farm which will serve as […]
Human Rights Day in SA is also Women Rights Day
CAPE TOWN. – 21st March 2021 is a public holiday – Human Rights Day – in honour of human rights and to commemorate the horrific Sharpeville massacre in 1960 when 69 people who demonstrated against pass laws were killed by police and 180 others were injured. Yet, while commemorating the Sharpeville massacre on Human Rights Day […]
1000 Women Trust devised plans to address alarming trends of cyberbullying
CAPE TOWN. – The results of a survey conducted in February 2021 by a digital identity, privacy, and social media protection company, Digiumune, revealed that 51.5% of the 200 parents who took part in the survey, had been cyberbullied.  It means that cyberbullying is rife in South Africa, reported TimeLive (10th March 2021). The survey found […]
Reviewing Beijing-declaration: SA far behind in combating gender-violence
CAPE TOWN. – Twenty six years ago, 17000 delegates representing 188 countries met in the Chinese capital, Beijing at the landmark Fourth UN World Conference on Women.  Among them was a delegation from South Africa. The adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action changed the trajectory for the empowerment of women worldwide. South […]
Trauma training course a vital companion to address healing of many women in Cape Peninsula
CAPE TOWN. – The trauma training course of 1000 Women Trust on WhatsApp and person-to-person have become catalysts for the healing of several women and girls in many communities across the Cape Peninsula and the West Coast. This is the anecdotal witness of community leaders interviewed by 1000 Women Trust on the Trauma training course. […]