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Nqwenyama a walking billboard for the success of 1000 Women Restart
Two Cape Town-based entrepreneurs, Perpeture Chikoto and Nomondo Nqwenyama, are amongst the many South African women who have joined the 1000 Women Restart Network, and are vouching for the enormous value that it adds to their businesses. In fact, both Nqwenyama and Chikoto are walking billboards for 1000 Women Restart. They are actively “canvassing” women […]
Matilda Fakazi credits 1000 Women Restart for her ‘thriving business’
CAPE TOWN. – Few women provide such a vivid illustration of the comprehensive value of the 1000 Women Restart campaign as Matilda Fakazi. 1000 Women Restart was launched in July 2021 by 1000 Women Trust to empower not only survivors of gender-based violence, but also those who lost their jobs during the COVID lockdown, and […]
Treat 1000 Women Trust like a Christmas tree and place your gifts at the bottom
Approximately 30.4 million people in South Africa live below the old upper-bound poverty line of R1268, according to the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity group. The group estimates that 13.8 million people live below the food poverty line. The National Income Dynamics Study revealed that during April/May 2021, approximately 2.3 million households reported child hunger, […]
1000 Women Trust, Avon partner to create awareness about verbal abuse in SA
PRESS RELEASE ON BEHALF OF 1000 WOMEN TRUST: 8TH DECEMBER 2021 CAPE TOWN. – The women-led organization 1000 Women Trust has partnered with the global beauty company Avon to create awareness about “love bombing”, “gaslighting” and all other forms of verbal and emotional abuse. Research by Avon reveals that one in five women globally are consistently […]
Stats about pregnancies of 9 year-olds requires an investigation into rape, says Thiart
A total of 34 587 teenagers gave birth in 2020, of whom 688 were aged nine and ten, according to Stats SA, who stated that 899 393 babies were born in South Africa in 2020. Of these, 34 587 were born to girls aged 17 and younger. “Of the 34 587 births from teen mothers, 16 042 were […]
Tennis legends come to SA for events used as vehicles in the fight against gender-based violence
Venus Williams and Martina Hingis, two of the greatest tennis legends of all time, and Simona Halep, consistently one of the best players in the world the past seven years, will be coming to South Africa to play in Africa Cares Tennis tournament on the 18th and 19th December 2021 in Johannesburg. The event aims to promote […]
#16Days wrapped in happiness
ADRIE JURGENSEN SELECTION OF PRINTS TO CHOOSE FROM Happiness. That is what I feel when I look at paintings made by well-known South African artist Hanlie Kotze. She can capture feelings of childhood bliss neatly packaged in comforting colours with a whimsical twist all while selecting perfect poetry as a welcome companion to each piece. Only […]
The right to be
1000 Women Trust supports the Global 16 Days Campaign Win a campaign canvas print SELECTION OF PRINT TO CHOOSE FROM 1000 Women Trust supports the Global 16 Days Campaign Win a campaign NetCanvas print One of South Africa’s most inspirational artists who uses a combination of paintbrush and poetry to empower men and women, Hanlie […]
Sign the pledge Now
Sign the Pledge Now At 1000 Women Trust we advocate for Women and Children to live a life FREE of violence. During 16 Days we ask you to sign our pledge to #StopGBV. Make a pledge to Report Abusers, Take Action! Promise not to protect Abusers. Report! We pledge to support the SURVIVORS of GBV. […]