CAPE TOWN. – Nelson Mandela Day is commemorated on the 18th July 2021 to honour the legacy of the former President of South Africa, but it is also a call to action for South African citizens to get together to start or sustain initiatives like delivering food parcels, teaching online or making donations towards these efforts. […]

CAPE TOWN. – In a ground-breaking initiative that will not only rehabilitate at least 100 survivors of gender-based violence per year but is set to equip them as prospering vegetable farmers in the agricultural heartland of the Sandveld in the Western Cape, the women-led organization 1000 Women Trust is partnering with the Ruben Richards Foundation […]

CAPE TOWN. – The greatest challenges South African women face with regards to economic empowerment, is the lack of access to capital and opportunities. This problem needs to be solved by a partnership between community-led NPO’s, businesses, and government, said Mishinga Seyuba-Kombo, a specialist in small business entrepreneurship and head of enterprise development at Pick […]