Press Release: Mandela Day 2020

1000 Women Trust and Pick n Pay join hands to feed the nation and continue fight against gender- based violence

CAPE TOWN. – 1000 Women Trust, in collaboration with the retailing giant Pick ‘n Pay, have called on South African communities to take action against poverty and gender based violence (GBV) this Mandela Day. Mandela Day represents a unique opportunity to actively support 1000 Women Trust to help feed the hungry in vulnerable communities, stop gender-based violence, and to continue the trauma initiatives to drive positive change and healing for survivors of GBV. #hearmetoo. “The pandemic’s impact on our economy and food insecurity will be with us for some time. Over the last 100 days, we have been feeding more than 20 000 people per day at our 45 soup kitchens. We need support to continue feeding people during lockdown. By donating R20 each you can help to bolster our feeding campaign and boost efforts to mobilise communities against gender-based violence in our society,” said Tina Thiart, founding member of 1000 Women Trust. Our vision is to see a world where women and children can live a life free of violence. We are grateful to partners like Pick n Pay who share this passion to empower and equip women through access to knowledge, skills, and resources to find their own solutions to the challenges in their communities,” Thiart said. “As a nation, we have a responsibility to combat poverty and gender-based violence. In support of the Mandela Day theme, #ActionAgainstPoverty, your donation of R20 would go a long way to realise our vision,” Thiart added. “Talk is no longer enough. My rallying call to the mothers, dads, sons and daughters of the nation is to extend a hand to those in need so that we can mobilise resources to provide food to the needy and support structures to those suffering from abusive relationships.” Due to the COVID 19-pandemic and the lockdown, 1000 Women Trust was unable to host their annual luncheon which normally attracts more than 1000 women and secures R1 million in funding, which is used to support our initiatives. The funds are used to develop toolkits and facilitate training to educate, equip and empower survivors of GBV. Grants are given to women-led initiatives across the country that work tirelessly to bring hope, protection and knowledge to women living in abusive relationships. It’s in challenging times such as these that we are reminded of the spirit of Ubuntu and that we need each other. We are pleased to also partner with Carol Bower, speaker, children and women’s rights activist, television producer and businesswoman to help strengthen our women-led initiatives. Carol Bouwer added that South Africa has seen an unforgivable rise in abuse of women by men and the frequency of it means our amplified voices are not having the effect we hoped. “It is urgent that we all come together to address this scourge with the same vigour we saw at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic but also it is even more incumbent upon all of us that we demand action immediately when we learn of the demise of yet another child or woman at the hands of these unrepentant perpetrators! Silence is consent, we must be loud in our condemnation of this evil,” Bouwer said. The 1000 Women Trust issues Section 18A tax donor certificates for all donations and grants. Donate R20 by using our QR Code to the 1000 Women Trust or make an EFT contribution. You can also donate your Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Points to the trust. DONATE TO: Account Holder: 1000 Women Trust Account/IBAN Number: 9020404476 Bank Name: Nedbank SWIFT Code: NEDSZAJJ Branch/Sort Code: 198765 The 1000 Women Trust is a registered Trust (IT738/2014) focussing on fundraising and creating awareness for domestic and gender-based violence and abuse. The 1000 Women Trust mobilises resources and gives grants to women’s organisations that support, raise awareness and provide opportunities for women and children who have been affected by violence. We provide solidarity to women, amplify the voices of activists and advocate for change that can end GBV and femicide.